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Adaptive Hiking Tips

August 3, 2023  |  Uncategorized  |  By Summer Nowicki

“The wheelchair should not be a symbol of disability. A wheelchair is a vehicle to liberation and freedom; a chariot for independence.”    – Rich Hansen                                                           […]

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Parent Talks – The Power of Outside

July 7, 2022  |  Play  |  By Encompass

If you’re concerned that your children aren’t spending enough time outside, we’ve pulled together a great team of Encompass professionals who discuss helpful tips and suggestions for getting them out and engaged in the fresh air! Encompass Family Services Manager Sam Sinanan draws on her experience as an art teacher, Lead Preschool Teacher Sarah Holmes […]

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Gift Wrapping as An Opportunity to Practice Occupational Therapy Skills

December 7, 2021  |  Child Development  |  By Ashley Fletcher, MSOTR/L

Winter is a time that many choose to exchange gifts, whether it is to celebrate a holiday or to show appreciation for those in your life. Gift wrapping provides a highly motivating opportunity for kids to practice and generalize the skills that they are working on in occupational therapy. This is also a wonderful opportunity for […]

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Information for Parents and Caregivers: Executive Functioning Handout

August 31, 2020  |   |  By Encompass

Executive functioning describes the mental skills humans use to solve problems and achieve desired outcomes. Executive functioning skills include goal-setting, identifying and solving problems, making and following plans, adapting to changes, remembering important information, and self-monitoring. This sheet explains the various parts of executive functioning and provides suggested activities you can do at home to […]

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Profectum Parent Toolbox

July 29, 2019  |   |  By Encompass

A free online webcast series and workbook for parents. The goal of the Profectum Parent Toolbox is to encourage and empower you to build a strong relationship with your child while fostering his or her development.

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Preschool Express

July 29, 2019  |   |  By Encompass

Preschool Express is an early childhood education resource site for teachers and parents of preschoolers. Resources include, curriculum calendars, toddler activities, printable art projects and much more.

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