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Great Hikes for Kids

July 13, 2022  |  Uncategorized  |  By Encompass

The Power of Outside and Hiking! The Snoqualmie Valley is filled with a wide range of hikes for all ages and fitness levels. The Encompass team put their heads together to come up with our Top Five list for families with young children. We’ve included a brief overview of each hike with a link to […]

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Gift Wrapping as An Opportunity to Practice Occupational Therapy Skills

December 7, 2021  |  Child Development  |  By Ashley Fletcher, MSOTR/L

Winter is a time that many choose to exchange gifts, whether it is to celebrate a holiday or to show appreciation for those in your life. Gift wrapping provides a highly motivating opportunity for kids to practice and generalize the skills that they are working on in occupational therapy. This is also a wonderful opportunity for […]

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Celebrating Men in the Lives of Kids/ Celebrando a los Hombres en la Vida de los Niños

June 15, 2021  |  Parent Talks Podcast, Parenting  |  By Encompass

There are many reasons why fathers and other male role models are important to a child’s development. We’ll be hearing just a few from men that have played a lot of different roles in children’s lives, including fathers, grandfathers, coaches, and scout leaders; and we’ll be hearing these voices in both English and Spanish. Hay […]

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Learning to Eat Again

April 27, 2021  |  Early Intervention, Pediatric Therapy  |  By Encompass Pediatric Therapy

At 11 months, Violet loves to eat!  Her favorite foods are peas, carrots, blueberries, and ground beef. While that might seem like a pretty typical palette for her age, it was a rather turbulent journey to get to this point.  For the first few months of her life, Violet was breastfeeding and bottle feeding without […]

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Autism Acceptance Month: Words Matter

April 13, 2021  |  Pediatric Therapy  |  By Lindsey Cooper, MA, CCC-SLP

April is Autism Acceptance Month. You may have previously heard this month referred to as Autism Awareness Month. Acceptance versus awareness. What’s the difference between these two terms, and does it really matter which we use? What’s the difference? Autism Awareness Month originated in April 1970 by the Autism Society. At that time, 1 in […]

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Sibling Rivalry

February 23, 2021  |  Parent Talks Podcast, Parenting  |  By Encompass

All parents and caregivers have probably experienced Sibling Rivalry at some point – fighting, tattling, hitting, and attention-seeking behaviors. Encompass Behavioral Health Manager Megan Walsh offers some tips on how and when adults should step in, and when it’s best to let the kids work it out. And two parents share how they manage rivalry […]

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