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January 26, 2024  |  Volunteers  |  By Encompass

According to AmeriCorps, in 2021, more than 60.7 million Americans volunteered through non-profit and community organizations, contributing $122.9 billion in economic value. This doesn’t even count the millions of people volunteering their time in the informal sector such as providing meals for others or helping a neighbor in need.

Closer to home at Encompass, in 2022-2023, 105 volunteers contributed a combined 2,770.92 hours of volunteer time. After a sharp decline through COVID, their dedication has been invaluable in revitalizing our volunteer program.

Volunteer opportunities at Encompass are wide and varied and all make a real and lasting impact on our community. We asked two of our volunteers to share a glimpse of their volunteer journey with Encompass.


How did you learn about Encompass and when did you start volunteering for us?

I first learned about Encompass when I needed volunteer hours for my practicum at Central Washington. After reaching out to Bethany, I volunteered at the 2021 Gala and fell in love with the organization. I saw all the ways they provide community support and knew this was where I wanted to spend my time and energy volunteering.  Shortly after the clinic opened back up for in-person services, I became the first clinic support volunteer at the new facility.

What are the different ways you have been involved with Encompass?

I provide clinic support, helping to maintain the sensory garden, organize the utilities for various programs, take care of loose projects for staff members, and help with the sanitization of the therapeutic spaces. I also enjoy helping Bethany prepare for volunteer events and have now been a volunteer at the Annual Gala for three years.

What keeps you coming back?

I keep coming back to volunteer because I love the heart and soul of the organization. I truly believe in the work that Encompass is doing in the community; and even though my contribution may be small, I still feel like what I am doing is making a big impact.

Do you have a memory that stands out?

I can’t say that I have a particular memory that comes to mind, but the feeling that I get in general while working with the Encompass team stands out above all else. The Encompass team is made up of some of the kindest and most hard-working individuals that I have ever met.


How did you learn about Encompass and when did you start volunteering for us?

I was looking for volunteer opportunities in Seattle that had something to do with kids. While I couldn’t find any local to me, Encompass popped up. As I started reading about them, I was captivated by the beautiful work they do. Even though it was a bit far for me to go, I reached out and once I got going, that distance has never impeded me.

What are the different ways you have been involved with Encompass?

Over the years, I have participated in three Annual Galas, two Inspire Breakfasts, twice at the Fall City Days festival, and at Trick or Treat Street.

What keeps you coming back?

I like to help and to serve the community and volunteering for Encompass is incredibly rewarding. I see the genuine impact they have on kids and families – positive changes and growth, and knowing I get to be a small part of their journey is incredibly fulfilling. I also find the supportive environment Encompass creates for volunteers like me makes the labor beautiful.

Do you have a memory that stands out?

My first Gala in 2021 was very emotive and special to me. I was able to witness many people united by the same cause — helping families and children have a better quality of life. Many volunteers contributed their best to make the Gala a success, and the guests were so generous, helping the event exceed its established goal, which was very exciting!

Thank you to Madison, Karla, and the many volunteers who make it all happen at Encomass. We could not do this important work without you! 

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