Using the new vision and mission as a guide, we developed a specific set of goals that will guide our organization’s development over the course of the next five years. Encompass will:

  • Ensure the health of the organization. Encompass will foster an organizational culture that is open to new ideas, innovation and thought leadership.

  • Provide best-in-class programing. Encompass will offer comprehensive, research-based early childhood programming and services and continue to establish themselves as thought leaders in their services to providers, caregivers and parents.

  • Engage and inform community. Encompass will use marketing and communication strategies to make it clear that all young children and their families can benefit from their programs and services.

  • Provide equal access to all families regardless of barriers. Encompass will identify any barriers preventing community members from accessing services and will address them, increasing access to all.

  • Focus future growth on early childhood programs for children from birth to age eight. As opportunities in the community become apparent, Encompass will focus on programs and services for children aged birth to eight years with an emphasis on preventive programs for the youngest members of the community.

  • Because what happens early in life matters:

Since 1966, Encompass has been a leading provider of early learning and pediatric therapy services in the Snoqualmie Valley and the Greater Eastside. With an expert staff of people who seek to reach all young children in the community regardless of barriers, Encompass’ newly published strategic plan will provide a platform for our new vision: “a community where ALL children thrive.”

Encompass has undergone an evaluation of the organization’s internal processes, including input and analysis from employees, the board of directors, and a professional consulting agency. Throughout the process, Encompass gained a deeper understanding of needed resources in moving forward with the plan’s implementation.

The strategic plan is the product of what was learned and how it will directly impact Encompass’ future practices. It describes, in detail, the organization’s values, mission, goals, and the necessary actions to achieve those objectives while still honoring Encompass’ long-standing legacy.

“After the accumulation of many months work that included input from our staff, participants, supporters and community stakeholders, the Encompass Board of Directors finalized a 5-year strategic plan that will move the organization towards continued sustained success and impact in our community,” said Nela Cumming, executive director.

“For nearly fifty years, Encompass has served as a community resource for families and children of all abilities. Our community has changed and grown throughout the years and it is important that our organization revisits our role regularly in response to the changing needs of those that we serve. Our new mission ‘to partner with families to build healthy  foundations for children’ is designed to provide the community with a clearer understanding of the vital role Encompass plays for children in the Valley and surrounding areas. We are excited to implement this plan and make an even greater positive impact in our community in the years to come.”

Here at Encompass, we are confident the new strategic plan positions the organization to continue to honor the past, while also preparing us for the future.