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The Journey of Articulation Development

February 21, 2024  |  Child Development  |  By Grace G., MEd, CCC-SLP

We all love the levity that comes from children mispronouncing common words or names, but when should parents be concerned about how their child is using speech sounds? This article aims to clarify the typical trajectory of speech-sound development in children and guide parents on when it might be appropriate to seek additional support. We […]

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Understanding Multidisciplinary Collaboration

April 19, 2023  |  Pediatric Therapy  |  By Encompass Pediatric Therapy

Multidisciplinary Collaboration – What Does it Mean? Encompass Pediatric Therapy Director Rachel Peterson and Encompass Behavioral Health Director Megan Walsh break it down for us and share how this dynamic approach takes the ‘whole child’ into consideration and leads to better outcomes for children and families. As directors of therapy programs focused on children and […]

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Promoción de la Alfabetización Temprana con Arte, Música y Movimiento

May 13, 2021  |  ParentChild+, Parent Talks Podcast, Early Learning  |  By Encompass

La alfabetización temprana es más que simplemente leerle a su hijo, también se trata de involucrar sus sentidos de otras maneras. Gloria Martínez, Especialista Bilingüe en Alfabetización Temprana de Encompass, ofrece algunos consejos sobre cómo incorporar el arte, la música y el movimiento en la lectura con su hijo para promover la alfabetización temprana y […]

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Recasting – Modeling Video

December 11, 2019  |   |  By Encompass

This skill involves taking words your child uses, and adding to them so that your child is hearing more complex language. It also helps your child feel understood because you are acknowledging what they said with the words they used.

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O.W.L. – Observe, wait, listen! – Modeling Video

December 11, 2019  |   |  By Encompass

OBSERVE: Watch your child and notice what has their interest. WAIT: Wait 5-10 seconds for your child to process what they are observing. They may start talking when you wait. LISTEN: If your child talks, you can restate what they shared and affirm what they notice going on around them.

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