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"When I first attended, it felt like bricks were lifted up off my shoulders."

– Sibshops participant, age 10

"The workshop was good at explaining children's needs and why tantrums happen. I learned knowledge and skills about how to help my kids calm down."

– Parenting workshop attendee

"We love bringing our kids to Parents’ Night Out. Our girls are so comfortable with the Encompass staff and volunteers and we love that they get dinner, dessert, and a fun activity! The kids have a blast and it is a great excuse for a date night!"

– Chelsea, local mom

“Today, when I told Eddie he has Sibshops tomorrow he said 'Sibshops is always great!'"

– Encompass parent

"The presenter was engaging and helpful. I appreciated the personalized action plan and strategies that she provided."

– Parenting workshop attendee

“He loves coming to Sibshops! When I ask if he wants to go he always enthusiastically answers ‘Yes!’ or ‘Totally!’ or ‘Definitely!’”

– Encompass parent

"Encompass parenting workshops provide valuable information and insights, both from the presenter and from parent sharing."

– Parenting workshop attendee

“Every time [my daughter] attends Sibshops she comes away upbeat and positive. Thank you.”

– Bruce

"The teacher is very open and easy to talk with, providing good tips."

– Parenting workshop attendee

“I loved knowing that Madeline was building relationships with other siblings of kids with special needs. I never wanted her to feel alone or that she was different because she had a sister with special needs at home.”

– Summer, mother of Sibshops participant

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Awards & Accreditations

Our Sibshops facilitator is certified by the Sibling Support Project.

Our Kinship Support Specialist can help connect you with resources available to relative caregivers through the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

Winner of Macaroni Kid-Snoqualmie Valley/Issaquah Gold Daisy Award for “Most Loved Parenting Support” in 2017, 2016, and 2015.

Funding for Connections is generously provided by King County.

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