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Parent Talks Podcast – Episode 17: The “Do’s” of Discipline

June 11, 2020  |  Parent Talks Podcast, Parenting  |  By Encompass

All parents have to make decisions around disciplining their kids. What’s the best way? What if partners or co-parents disagree? In this episode of Parent Talks, we’re hearing from two parents as they share how discipline works in their families. And then Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator, Sam Sinanan, shares helpful research-based information about discipline and child development.


  • Check out our Parent Talks tip sheets on Positive Discipline and Emotion Coaching
  • This article from Healthychildren.org talks about healthy ways to discipline your child
  • Very Well Family shares tips for how to tailor discipline to your child’s temperament.
  • Positive Parenting Solutions offers practical steps for parents who disagree on discipline
  • This article examines the time-out method and offers a new way of thinking about this often-used discipline technique
  • AAP policy opposing corporal punishment
  • You can always check out our Resource Library for more activities, articles, videos, apps, and websites recommended by the Encompass team.

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