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Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) is now ParentChild+

July 15, 2019  |  ParentChild+  |  By Encompass

PCHP is now ParentChild+

Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) has undergone a national rebranding and is now known as “ParentChild+.” Here is ParentChild+ National Center‘s description of the concept behind the rebrand:

“You will see that the words ‘parent’ and ‘child’ are connected, touching, bonded, as they should be. Because together parents and children learn, grow, and embrace newfound opportunities.

“We added a plus sign because all the components of the Program strengthen, support, and add to the power of that parent-child bond. The plus sign represents our staff, the most critical part of the work our Program does. It also represents the materials they bring to families, the other services they connect families with, and the strengthening of family child care providers. And, of course, the plus is our funders, supporters, community partners, and advocates.

“Our tag line expresses who we are and together what we create with families, families who too often begin life furthest from opportunity. Possibilities — Equal Possibilities — From the Start.”

Over the past year, the ParentChild+ National Center conducted an extensive brand and messaging review that included focus groups and interviews with site staff, agency partners, past and present funders, and individual donors. Through this process, they learned that people did not love the Program name, did not like that it was often abbreviated to initials as this caused confusion about what the correct name was (the Program is often referred to by outsiders as “PCP”, “PHCP”, etc.), and were not fans of the rather generic logo.

In April of 2019, ParentChild+ announced the “soft launch” of its new name and logo, allowing program sites to rebrand their individual programs over the summer between program years. Though the name and logo have changed, the program itself remains the same.

To learn more about ParentChild+ at Encompass, visit our ParentChild+ webpage by clicking below.

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