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Kindergarten Readiness: Tips from our teachers.

August 2, 2016  |  Early Learning, Preschool  |  By Encompass

Getting ready for Kindergarten can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. New people, places and routines can be scary for a child but a little preparation before hand can make things go more smoothly. Here are some things you can do for your child before school even begins.


Read books about going to school:
Some books focus on what the first day will be like. Others may address a child’s concern about being separated from a parent or not knowing anyone at school. Some use humor while others are serious but they can all help your child better understand where they will be going and what they will be doing before they even set foot at the actual school. Ask a librarian for recommendations.

Visit the School:
Many schools, including Encompass, have visiting days where you and your child can go to meet the teacher and tour the school, but if yours does not then you can still contact them to set up a meeting. Having your child meet the teacher before the first day can help to alleviate stress.

Send a note:
Whether you meet the teacher or not it may also be a good idea to send them a note, and maybe the nurse or other personnel, if your child has any special medical or other needs. You may have completed a form indicating this information, but a note mentioning your child’s social anxiety might be appropriate.

Label it:
Five other kids might have the same Dori backpack so make sure to label everything you send to school with your child. You can also label your child with a nametag that includes pertinent information such as their name, their teacher’s name, your name and phone number and how they will be getting home from school.

Start your school routine beforehand:
A week or two before school starts do a dry-run of your school day routine. Make it a game to get up early, eat breakfast, brush teeth and get out the door by a certain time. Walk around the block and go back home just to help get your child become familiar with what their days will soon be like. Bedtime routines can also be started early.

Kindergarten is a new stage in a child’s life and although it may take some getting use to it is a wonderful time of growth and learning so try and have fun with it!

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