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Grateful for Volunteers at Encompass

November 21, 2013  |  Volunteers  |  By Encompass

by Lisa Yeager

Thank you volunteersVolunteers are vital to Encompass because volunteers help further our mission, goals, and vision which strengthens our local communities.  Volunteers directly contribute to creating healthy families.  We are grateful for the immeasurable impact they have on Encompass.  In 2013 alone to date, 555 volunteers have contributed 2,544 hours.  The Encompass mission is to nurture children, enrich families and inspire community.  Volunteers put the legs on that mission as they partner with staff in making it happen.

Katherine Ross contributes her time and talent at the Pediatric Therapy office assisting staff as a receptionist and project assistant.  Katherine has been volunteering for close to five years, and in 2013 alone has contributed over 100 hours. She first read about Encompass in the newspaper and was impressed with how the organization steps up to help families in all different circumstances and needs.  Katherine has involved her family as well!  Her daughters’ Girl Scout Troop has sorted clothing and food for the One VOICE event in December. Encompass coordinates the clothing bank and gives away Gingerbread house kits at this event with volunteer assistance.  Katherine’s girls like making a difference for families here in their hometown for the holidays.

Katherine says she enjoys being in the Pediatric Therapy office as she has come to know the staff and volunteers and has enjoyed watching Pediatric Therapy grow. Encompass was so impressed by Katherine that we invited her to sit on the Board of Directors, where she now serves as Secretary on the Executive Committee.  Katherine highly recommends others volunteer with Encompass. “It helps so many in the Valley, and is full of great volunteers and staff to work with.”  She feels it is rewarding that she can make a difference.

Arleen Eby volunteers in the preschool at Encompass.  This is her second year of helping with the 3 year old classroom. She’s already contributed 78 hours working with the children in Corissa’s classroom.  Arleen loves the opportunity to be with these little ones as she is passionate about Early Learning.  She volunteered a lot in the school for her four children. When they grew up, it was natural that she would gravitate toward spending time with and getting to know the wonderful personalities of these little preschoolers.  Arleen says, “I have a 3 year old grandson in California. I miss him terribly, but this is an opportunity to be with these little ones.  They are like sponges, soaking everything in. Each personality is so unique and precious.”  She recommends others try volunteering with the children at Encompass and get in on all the fun!

If you would like to volunteer at Encompass, please contact:
Lisa Yeager – Volunteer Coordinator at 425.888.2777 or lisa.yeager@encompassnw.org

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