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A Family’s First Summer Camp Story

March 18, 2015  |  Summer Camps, Family Stories  |  By Encompass

This is a letter sent to us in 2014 by a local family who chose Encompass Summer Camps as their toddler’s first enrichment program (and have since participated in our toddler playgroup and are enrolled in preschool for next year). Both our 2-year old camps and our preschool classes for toddlers are wonderful first experiences for 2-year olds where they are guided through developmentally-appropriate play and are able to have fun with other toddlers. Parents benefit from access to our expert staff and connections with other parents of toddlers.

Enrolling my 2 year old son in Encompass summer camps was the best thing I could have done for his growth and development.  When registration opened, I nervously signed him up for 3 camp sessions.  As a first-time mom I was going through some uneasy and challenging times with my toddler.  He was very content being with me and only me.  If I put him in a situation where he was with other children, he would cling to my leg.  I took it in stride but wondered if he would ever get over his separation anxiety.

When my son turned 2, and was showing signs of improvement.  His language and social skills were developing into that of a typical 2-year old.  He would parallel play with other children but would keep his focus on me.  Every time he was left with a sitter there would be tears.  If I walked out of sight he would start to panic.  He preferred me over anyone else.  I was starting to think my parenting skills weren’t up to par and then the first day of summer camp came!

I vividly remember dropping Reid off for the Planes, Trains and Automobile camp. We met our friends outside and all walked in together.  When it came time for me to say goodbye and leave I was shocked to see that he was okay.  I expected him to look for me and cry.  Instead he walked in to the classroom and started playing with the trucks.  I was relieved and excited to see that there were no tears but then thought to myself, what if he was just distracted?  Second day of summer camp came and I walked him to the class room again…and still no tears!  I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  We both needed this positive experience.  Since he loved being at camp so much I decided to sign him up for a 4th week.

As a mom, one of the best things about summer camp was bringing home all of the adorable and creative artwork he created.  Together we went through his masterpieces and framed a few for his room.  Needless to say my kitchen walls and fridge are plastered with art!

Miss Nikki, Miss Nina, Miss Hannah and Miss Julie —  and all of the summer camp counselors were great and always greeted us warmly when we walked in.  Eventually it got to the point where my son would run in to the class room and start playing without giving me a goodbye hug and kiss.  Summer camp at Encompass truly cured his ongoing separation anxiety and for that I am grateful.  We all look forward to our second year of summer camps in 2015 as well as preschool in September! Thank you so much!

~Jenna, North Bend


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