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We have partnered with Snoqualmie Valley Hospital to offer groundbreaking Encompass workshops that will help your family thrive.

On the first Tuesday of each month from 6-7:30pm, experts will present the latest scientific research findings on child development in a useful, practical way. Learn the pillars of your child’s physical, social and emotional development and why they are critical to your child’s future success in academics and in life. All workshops in this series are FREE with online registration. Attend one or attend them all, but please register in advance as space is limited!


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Upcoming Workshops

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Picky Eaters

This workshop is most appropriate for parents and caregivers of children ages 2 and above who have concerns about their child’s nutrition. Does your child have a limited diet? Is she unwilling to try new foods? Did he like something one day, and dislike it the next day? Many parents and caregivers worry about what their children eat and don’t eat. In this workshop, you will learn techniques to help children be willing to try new foods, improve nutrition and avoid mealtime battles.

Taught by Kim Kanzler M.A. CCC-SLP, Director of Pediatric Therapy

Help, My Child Isn’t Talking

This workshop is appropriate for parents with children 0-8 years old.  Young children typically understand a lot more than they can say, but they can get frustrated when they “understand so much” but are using gestures or only a few words to express their needs and wants. In this workshop, learn proven and easy to use strategies to increase expressive language, reduce the “gap” between understanding and speaking, and ultimately build a young child’s confidence as a verbal communicator.

Taught by Sheri Dodd, Speech Language Pathologist.

Chores for Children-More Than Just a Clean House!

This class is appropriate for parents of children ages 18 months and older. From mealtimes to playtime, children are able to participate in many household duties. Teaching this can begin as early as 18 months old, with the level of difficulty increasing gradually as the child matures. Chores not only build a foundation for teamwork and cooperative learning, but they encourage such skills as working memory, problem solving and sequencing. Children who are encouraged to take an active role in the home feel valued and confident in their own abilities and ultimately use these skills in school and other community settings.

Taught by Kim Hall, MS, OTR/L- Encompass Pediatric Occupational Therapist. 


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