Parent-Child Interaction Training Therapy (PCIT)

Intensive Therapy to Empower Parents and Improve Relationships.

This 14-plus-week intensive program called PCIT helps parents and children who are experiencing significant disruptive behavior, including those with ADHD and who may be on the autism spectrum. It gives equal attention to the parent-child relationship and to parents’ skills in behavior management. The program aims to increase positive feelings and interactions between parents and children, improve child behavior and empower parents to use consistent, predictable, effective parenting strategies.

“There are things parents can do from ages 0-3 to that will encourage healthy development for the rest of their lives,” Kerry Beymer, parenting support and education program.

Each family receives one-on-one attention in the PCIT lab (at the Encompass Early Learning Center) from a trained coach or therapist once a week for 60-75 minutes. During sessions, parents practice play, communication and discipline skills with their children. Coaches provide continual feedback, direction, and encouragement through a small radio receiver, which the parent wears behind the ear.

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For more information about PCIT at Encompass, watch this video.