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Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy

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The observation lab                                    Live coaching

Enhance your relationship with your child
by taking part in one-on-one parent coaching:
Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy (PCIT)!

Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy (PCIT) is a 14-plus-week intensive program to help parents and children who are experiencing significant disruptive behavior, including those with ADHD and who may be on the autism spectrum. It gives equal attention to the parent-child relationship and to parents' skills in behavior management. The program aims to increase positive feelings and interactions between parents and children, improve child behavior and empower parents to use consistent, predictable, effective parenting strategies.

Each family receives one-on-one attention in the Parent/Child Interaction Training / Therapy lab from a trained coach or therapist once a week for 60-75 minutes. During sessions, parents practice play, communication, and discipline skills with their children. Coaches provide continual feedback, direction, and encouragement through a small radio receiver, which the parent wears behind the ear.

The program has two parts: relationship enhancement and discipline. Parents learn specific skills in the lab and have the opportunity to practice these skills in training and at home until mastery is achieved.

For a FREE initial consultation, call Kerry Beymer, parenting support and education manager, 425.888.2777.
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Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy (PCIT) staff

Rocio Collado, coach, started working at Encompass in 2008. She has more than 15 years' experience working with families, first as a child therapist in Chile, her home country, and at Encompass as bilingual parent educator and Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy (PCIT) coach. "To observe, listen and help children and parents is my passion," she says. "Working as a PCIT coach allows me to put my professional and personal experience at the service of these families, so that they can live a healthier and more joyful life." She is married, has five children and enjoys yoga, water sports, beading and reading.

Marnee Crawford is a child and family therapist who joined Encompass in 2012 and provides services in three Encompass programs: Birth-to-Three Early Intervention, Pediatric Therapy and Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy. She has a 12-year background in counseling, having worked as a marriage and family therapist and a mental-health therapist in private practice and at the King County-based Community Psychiatric Clinic (the Willows Program). In addition, Marnee is a level-two infant mental-health specialist. Marnee received certification in Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy (PCIT) in June 2012.

Liann Smith is a certified Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy (PCIT) coach and an independent facilitator of the Becoming a Love and Logic Parent curricula. She completed a certificate in parenting coaching at the Parent Coaching Institute in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University. She has an undergraduate degree in child development and biblical studies. She also is the mother of three grown children. For more than 17 years, she has worked with hundreds of families with children as a church ministry director and teacher.


Newly enrolled families in Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy (PCIT) will be billed at $45 per session. (Encompass can bill insurance. Contact Kerry Beymer, manager of parenting support and education, for more info.) Scholarships are available. Please open this scholarship form, fill it out and "Click to Submit" to Kerry Beymer

Answers to frequently asked questions about
Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy

I have taken classes, read books and watched videos about many aspects of parenting. How is Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy different?

The biggest difference is the individual attention to the needs of you and your child. The one-way mirror and live coaching with an electronic listening device allow therapists and coaches to intervene directly in the moment. Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy is an evidence-based intervention with more than 30 randomized clinical-outcome studies to prove its effectiveness. Research has shown that as a result of PCIT, parents learn effective parenting techniques, the behavior problems of children decrease, and the quality of parent-child relationships improves.

Is Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy right for my family?

Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy is appropriate for children from 3 to 7 years old and exhibit some or many of the following behavior problem
- Aggressiveness
· Refusing to follow directions
· Poor social skills
· Low self-esteem
· Excessive whining
· Frequent temper tantrums
· Behavior problems in school

Do both parents attend the session? What if I am single or divorced?

In a perfect world, both parents would attend the session together because we know when everyone is on the same page, things go more smoothly. When parents are consistently using the same skills when dealing with a child’s behavior, changes in that behavior occur more quickly. We know that families are diverse, and whether you are a single parent, foster parent or relative caregiver, the skills you learn during coaching sessions will make a difference in your child’s behavior.

Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy can be incredibly helpful for divorced or separating families. Each parent can participate every other week while the child attends weekly. This allows each parent an entire session to work with the child one-on-one. These sessions not only build a stronger and more secure relationship with each parent but also help assure that each parent is providing consistent parenting techniques.

I have more than one child, and they all have behavior issues. Do they all come to the session?

Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy is generally done with one parent and one child. As your skills increase in the lab, it may be possible for the coach or therapist to include a second child. The overall goal is for the parent to master skills in a controlled environment with the support of a coach or therapist, which, in turn, leads to generalization of these skills in natural settings with other children.

Ten to 12 weeks is a big commitment for my family. Is there an abbreviated version?

The program is designed to run 10 to 12 weeks, sometimes longer. Research proves that this approach yields the largest change in behavior. We do, however, offer private coaching in our lab for a flat fee of $45 a session.

What do parents say about Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy?

“Bobby and I enjoyed it. In the beginning, he hated coming to the sessions, but, by the end, he actually looked forward to them. He is much more compliant at home and for other adults.”

"The best part of the program was the confidence I gained in myself and my abilities to parent.”

“I don’t know where our family would be without Parent-Child Interaction Training / Therapy and our coach’s wisdom and counsel.”

Call NOW for a FREE initial consultation. You can reach Kerry Beymer, Encompass parenting support and education manager, at 425.888.2777, or e-mail Kerry.