Encompass is the proud sponsor of Challenger Baseball, a program where special needs kids ages 5-18 are partnered with a “buddy” to assist in whatever level of help they may need.  Kids have the opportunity to hit from a tee or a pitch, travel the bases and enjoy the game on their level!  All players will be on the field, there is no limit to the number of teammates.

Games and warm up practice take place on Sunday afternoons at Torgeson Park in North Bend and we will travel to Issaquah or Woodinville for an away game sometime in the season.  The season will start in early May and run through mid June.

Register now to participate in our Spring Ball league for kids of all abilities ages 5- 18!  This is an opportunity for our special kids to participate in a low pressure sporting event that has many rewards for them as well as their buddies!

If you are interested in supporting Challenger as a buddy or player, please go to http://www.svll.net/registration.  Buddies are FREE and players have a minimal cost of $35 and scholarships are available.

Additional questions can be directed to challengerprogram@svll.net.

Come on out and “let’s play ball”!!!!

“I always dreamed that my boys would grow up and play sports like I did.  For my son Camden, autism made that dream difficult and Challenger Baseball made it a possibility.” – Marsha Quinn, parent/coach


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