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February 2013
2/4/2013 -Delegation promotes early learning at 2013 Encompass Day in Olympia!

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Delegation promotes early learning at 2013 Encompass Day in Olympia!

After advocating for expansion of the state's commitment to early learning in all forms, the Encompass Day in Olympia delegation poses on Jan. 22, 2013, in front of the state Capitol dome. They were (from left) Julie Forslin, early-learning manager; Haley Williamson, family support specialist for the Early Childhood Education Assistance Program; Helene Wentink, communication support specialist; Marsha Quinn, community resource manager for pediatric-therapy programs; board members Rhonda Ender and Ken Heikkila, along with Gregory Malcolm, executive director. (Click "More" below for more photos. Click photos for larger versions.)

Sen. Steve Litzow (R-41st), chair of the Senate Early Learning Committee, gestures to (from left) Heikkila, Wentink, (hidden) Quinn, Forslin, Williamson, Ender and Malcolm.

Listening to Forslin (right) are (from left) newly elected Sen. Mark Mullet (D-5th), Heikkila, Malcolm, Ender, Wentink and Williamson.

Heikkila makes a point to Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe (D-1st), ranking member of the Senate Early Learning Committee.

Williamson (right) makes a point to McAuliffe.

(From left) Newly elected Rep. Chad Magendanz (R-5th) and Malcolm listen as Quinn makes a point.

(Left) Rep. Ruth Kagi (D-32nd), chair of the House Early Learning Committee, listens along with (from left) Ender and Quinn while Forslin makes a point and Malcolm looks on.

The 2013 Encompass Day in Olympia delegation (clockwise from upper left) of Quinn, Malcolm, Heikkila, Williamson, Forslin, Wentink and Ender poses in front of the bust of George Washington in the state Capitol.